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i don't see smoke and i don't smell smoke. >> one more thing. how did they come at the house? are most of the vehicles in the driveway or did they come at it through a back way? >> this whole area is five streets in the neighborhood. they went down every side street. there are flashing lights at every end and officers with rifles by their sides at every single end. >> all right. >> there is a parade of traffic happening now. a bunch of lights flashing going up my street toward franklin. there are five cars headed up. >> okay. yeah. we just saw kind of a second wave of suvs, police cars arrive. that would be consistent. it's getting tougher because the
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camera lens is overwhelmed by the strobes. it's hard for us to see, pick out individual movement except that vehicles keep coming and going. i'm not surprised to hear of more of them coming down where you are. i could be convinced that we have seen more activity. a light truck just arrived in the foreground there on the right. those are erectable spotlights they can put up. once the scene is cold, let's say the suspect was taken out of there. they would still want to get at the start of the investigation tonight, see what they are dealing with. even though, as kerry and i and pete williams and i have been theorizing it's likely, knowing how these guys work, they will not use light for the takedown
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itself. you see an fbi agent getting out of the latest car to arrive. this flash-bang technology, if that explains pops people heard other than gunfire, they are a briefly devastating weapon that can just take hold of your senses and leave the suspect blinded and deafened momentarily while people move in. closed space. i have seen them used outdoors in a courtyard, a wartime backdrop in afghanistan. they are very effective. just told we have another guest. clint van zant, fbi veteran profiler. what can you add, clint? >> well, as you know my background is as a hostage negotiator. having been in similar situations like this working with tactical teams, this is a
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hand in glove operation. the negotiator is on the scene. he or she will be working hard to extend a hand and allows this individual to come out. with the potential explosive device of something inside the best case scenario would be for the negotiator to get the subject to come over the side of the boat, crop to the ground so that the tactical team. anything like that. then they can close, make the arrest and then administer first aid. it's going to have to work like that. they are not going to endanger a police officer or agent in the arrest and have this guy try to blow himself up at the last second. >> we have been circumspect because there's been so much reported wrong over the past couple of days about passing things along. this does make sense though.
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boston globe is tweeting out that one of the photographers is in close enough to be able to hear cops say, you know, the classic movie line "come out on your own terms, come out with your hands up." it would indicate -- the surprise here -- it would indicate the suspect is alive, able to communicate and able to move. clint, after two volleys of gunfire and well outnumbered it's surprising to a lot of us. >> he was probably wounded last night in the exchange of gunfire in which his brother was killed. he was probably shot at that time. that accounts for the blood that may have been seen at the scene when he got on to the boat or subsequent to that. as we heard the volley of gunfire it sounded like at least one if not two 30-round magazines from the tactical
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officer's weapon. if they shot right at the boat it would have been turned the boat into swiss cheese. realize law enforcement, i'm sure as a group has an understanding that they would like to do everything they can like in any other situation. they would like to give this individual every opportunity to surrender. we need to talk to him. he has information we need. but there are rules of engagement that will suggest if your life is in danger, the life of somebody else do what you have to do. try to take him alive. don't put your life on the line to do it. >> boston p.d. car coming out. vehicles coming and going. we have seen this all night long. here are folks told a half hour before the gunshots it's okay to come out. folk in watertown who were following instructions all day
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and all day we have been seeing the kids looking at the grown-ups in their lives and the grown-ups were told don't come to the door unless you are certain it's law enforcement. we saw house-to-house searches taking place with law enforcement in military dress. automatic weapons drawn. came to the house. emptied the house of occupants and went in to search it. this is some of the door-to-door searches. this particular house we are showing the residents were asked to come out first before they went in. typical to want to clear it before you search. again, this is -- this was the stance of law enforcement all day. those weapons are the same issued to the armed forces overseas. that's a basic m-4
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semi-automatic long barrelled weapon. they were not fooling around. they had an extremely dangerous suspect pinned down. several people noticed a black vehicle which people assume to be a hearse in the foreground. we don't know if that's true. various sizes and shapes of vehicles. some of which folks have never seen before because they are for specialized tasks. lester holt, anything from where you are. >> reporter: you're talking about the fear and the children of people who heard explosions and shots last night. any of us who heard shots fired in anger know what a horrible sound that is. it takes a while to learn when it's coming your way. you don't know. that's what a lot of people
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heard last night with explosions and shots. i want to point out we have been watching police officers work so well together. different agencies. we know that typically their arrival is between agencies. they are united in purpose. keep in mind this community was attacked. the greater boston area attacked and the bombings on monday. then one of their own, a police officer at m.i.t., murdered, ambushed yesterday. another police officer, transit officer was serious ly wounded t the beginning of the chase. there is such a sense of purpose and dedication we are seeing from law enforcement agencies that all converged in watertown. fbi has taken the lead but they have all found a role. s.w.a.t. teams took various roles as they went through neighborhoods and poked through backyards looking for the very kind of thing they found here tonight.
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by the way, the boat seemed to have a shrink wrap. we are told it had a tear in it. that was the suspicious point -- the tear and the blood stains suggesting that someone had been in there or was in there which, as it turns out was the case. that was the kind of work they were doing today, looking for telltale signs that someone might be hiding out. brian, back to you. >> whdh h, our station is breaking news that they are hearing from the scene. let's listen in. >> you said a successful recovery which we would say they have this 19-year-old bombing suspect e in custody and he's alive. >> well, i don't know about that assumption. i think you have the guy recovered with no injury. i'm going to see -- >> is he alive?
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>> no telling. >> dan, you're watching from there. cooper is talking to his sources. he may be able to add. steve, what do you know? >> he's alive. in custody and alive. they have asked for a medic to the scene. >> suspect number two alive. >> he's alive. >> in custody. >> he's alive. he's in custody. they are asking for a medic to the scene which means they are going to be trying to treat him. specifics, i don't know what that means. he is in custody. >> excellent. >> that's the best news. 8:42 on friday night. >> is it over? is it all over? >> it's all over. >> it's over. >> they have an ambulance on the scene. >> ambulance on the scene. >> they think the guy is in good enough shape? we see the ambulance pulling in right now. >> outstanding. >> we'll follow that. great news, steve. >> you wonder how -- steve, do we have any idea -- >> ambulance can now go to the scene.
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we don't know what condition he's in. is that correct? okay, thanks. yeah, just to recap. from the scene according to my source the suspect is in custody. he is alive. we don't know what condition he's in. they have called for a medic to the scene. it's a hot scene. they are still officially securing the scene. that would go along with what dan was saying with the light applause he may have heard from his vantage point. >> it's been a horrifying night in boston, the world has been watching what's happening. this chain of events. really about the best possible outcome tonight. the second suspect wanted in the marathon bombing now alive, captured, in custody and about to be attended by medics there in watertown. >> we don't know what his condition is now. dan, you are joining us with confirmation of what steve said.
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>> state police gave me a strong head shake. an officer saying, yes, he's alive. they are bringing him up in this direction. they appear to be at ease. they are probably going up birch or franklin area now. everybody is standing down, satisfied. a few of the officers taking pictures to commemorate the moment of this successful end. incredible to think when this city was shut down because of the concern, the danger, the worry about how it would end. it ended with a whimper, not a bang. we had bangs and it could have ended with more. these officers, whatever they did, were able to bring at least the end of this to a peaceful conclusion. >> that's fantastic, dan. of course, now as you mentioned the medic is at the boat -- >> you have been listening to
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the coverage of our station whdh in boston as they were talking you saw the watertown ems ambulance that was parked there for so long take a right and go down to the neighborhood. you hear these multiple reports. suspect has been apprehended. there is a change in mood, stance and demeanor there. the shot we have been looking at -- [ cheers and applause ] >> now we are hearing -- listen to that. our reports are ricochetting around and people via broadcast or social media or television crews, people on the sidewalk in newtown are reacting with cheers. pete williams? >> we have confirmed here, brian, as well that the suspect is in custody. we don't know precisely his condition. now the question is, of course, what happens now. he'll be in federal custody here
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because this entire investigation since the bombing has been under the fbi's jurisdiction because of a federal law, a terrorism attack is under the jurisdiction of the fbi. they will take him now. if he's gravely wounded or needs medical attention he will be taken to a hospital where he will be given medical attention. if you think about the scenario involving umar abdel mutallab, the so-called christmas day bomber, similar situation. he was badly hurt, taken to the hospital, given treatment. then the fbi proceeded to question him at length. that was a controversial thing at the time. people thought he should have been not given a miranda warning. it turned out he was questioned for a time and then given his miranda warning and the police
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said he kept talking. they used it as a textbook example. this will remain a controversial decision. it is the stated policy of the obama administration to take anyone like this who creates a crime in the united states and treat them in the regular civilian justice system. they will take him away. when the appropriate time comes, begin to question him. >> pete, i got an e-mail using a term of art in law enforcement. somebody said, remember, this is a federal show. >> meaning the fbi is in charge. we have already heard some members of the senate say this person should be declared an enemy combatant, not given miranda warning and should be subject to a military-style interrogation. the obama administration will never go for that. they believe suspects who commit crimes here should be treated in the criminal justice system. that's what they will intend to do. >> michael leiter who was, among other things, in the room the
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night of the bin laden raid when it was planned and orders carried out from the situation room. former head of counter terrorism for this country, michael, walk us through what is likely to happen now. what's the first set of official eyeballs that will sit down across from or ride with this suspect. especially for those of us who would simply like to know what it takes for a 19-year-old to be convinced that putting a bomb down next to little kids is a good idea. >> brian, as pete mentioned during the christmas day bomber in 2009, we hadn't fully established a protocol and discussion about how a terror suspect would be interrogated. we worked through the problem more. there will have already been prethis arrest a very extensive
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discussion between the fbi and the rest of the intelligence community about how such an interrogation will occur and what the key issues are. the fbi is in charge as the law enforcement entity for the federal government in charge of the investigation. but they will have already have worked with organizations like central intelligence agency and the like to figure out what sorts of questions need to be asked about foreign contacts and the like. what would happen here is they will take him into custody. there is, of course, the possibility that they will mirandaize him right away. they will likely use what's known as the public safety exception. that gives them legal authority to question him initially about things which pose an immediate threat to public safety. they can ask, are there more improvised explosive devices anywhere?
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that can take some time. they can get all of that information from him before they actually mirandaize him. once they mirandaize him, they will go through all of the things they need to know. that will be done by fbi agents but, again, supported by the rest of the national security community. in my view, they will want to know, again, any weapons out there. motivation, any other associates, are there further dangers. these are the key issues they will pursue. then they will start moving out towards motivation, more distant networks, things like that. >> michael, already this thing is reich spider cracks when a rock hits the windshield. this has gone in all directions already today. we have learned from whdh in new bedford, mass, three people have been taken into custody.
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all expected to be roommates presently or at one time with suspect two. this kind of thing will ha. they have been in this kid's computer for a couple of hours. they have gotten all retrievable evidence from the house he sared with his brother for however long. pete williams, you have something new? >> well, yes. several law enforcement officials confirmed he's alive, in custody. unbelievable, as one said who's been following this. the next question is what sort of condition is he in. is he gravely wounded, walking? we don't know. we are trying to find out now. >> a big night in watertown, mass. i will tell you, what a 24 hours those people have endured. these are just citizens of a town in eastern mass. this was visited upon them after
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they witnessed the horrible bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon. there is your suspect, in custody and alive. we believe he survived one or more bullet wounds last night in a hail of gunfire. lester holt is at street level, as we have seen. across from the town diner in this town that can now start to breathe and live a little bit. lester? >> we heard 30 seconds of sustained applause from the crowd when word got out that he was in custody. these folks have lived through hell with the shots and explosions. i'm with rita who lives in the neighborhood. what's your reaction to the fact that they have him in custody. >> i'm relieved. feel like i have been watching a
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bad movie i couldn't turn off. i'll be able to sleep tonight. >> the helicopter came over and you said, i will be glad when that's over. >> i will be. i don't know what it's like to be in a war zone. listening to them made it feel like that's what it's like. very unsettling. >> reporter: grateful for you and the community. thank you very much for talking to us. big relief, brian, for folks that were potentially going to face another night of uncertainty that this person could be out there, a person who's shown willingness to do great harm. folks have been out all day. they will rest well tonight here in watertown. >> lester, thanks. if michael leiter can still hear us in washington -- are you with us? >> i am, brian. >> i have been saying all day as long as we keep the balance more
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good guys than bad we'll be all right. the other lesson is about law enforcement, trails people leave behind. the leaps and bounds technology has taken. we have said many times in the past couple of days. following oklahoma city we were in rough shape in terms of the ability to investigate this type of thing. now the sweep of technology. it's hard to get away with something bad in this country. >> it is. this is a silver lining on a dark cloud going back to 1996 with oklahoma city, 1998 with kenya and tanzania, the first world trade center bombing through 9/11. what the last 12 years have given us is incredible human capital. incredible talent within organizations like the fbi and cia.
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incredible coordination between the federal government and state and local governments. what we have seen today wouldn't have happened in 2000. and the technology to pull it together. five years ago it could have occurred and we might not have had nearly the digital record that was developed in this case. one can only imagine had there not been the video and photographic evidence of the perpetrators. >> thank you. we are told the suspect suffering from at least one gunshot wound and blood loss. not known if they are fresh wounds from tonight's exchange of fire. he's being taken to mount auburn hospital in cambridge. the same hospital where transit police officer is recovering from a gunshot wound by either this kid or his older brother
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last night. this is a time to read a sad statement from the family of sean collier, the police officer killed last night on the m.i.t. campus. family has released an official photograph along with these words. we are heart broken by the loss of our wonderful and caring son and brother, sean collier. our only solace is that sean died bravely doing what he committed his life to do -- serving and protecting others. we are thankful for the support and condolences offered by so many people. we are kbroogrieving this loss ask that the media respect our privacy at this time. and so we will. you see the m. p i.t. markings on his lapels. campus police officer. did not even have a chance to do his job. the accounts are he was, sadly basically executed by one or
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both of these suspects. older brother and younger. younger brother still alive being transported to a hospital. what's going to start happening there in watertown, and you can tell this already, you saw one tactical officer come out toward the waiting crowd. it will be a kind of gauntlet. people are so anxious to express their thanks. you will hear every entering and exiting vehicle applauded now and here is my prediction coming true. this is going to happen all night long. these are the people who liberated their town in effect. gone through 24 hours of hell in watertown, mass. hey, lester. >> you're seeing the ambulance just went by the crowd. they believe there is a big applause from the crowd as it parted and the ambulance went by. whether the suspect is truly in
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there is not clear. we believe he might have been. that's quite a reaction from the crowd. these folks have had a really tough night last night. facing another tough night. they have been standing here with us listening to the best they can. they heard he was in custody and folks are obviously joyous. very good reason. we are all happy there was no further bloodshed here. and that this is over. >> you're going to be on the happiest corner in the commonwealth of massachusetts. especially when all the vehicles, first responders, law enforcement start coming out. lester holt, thank you. 8:59:30 in the east coast. listen to that. [ cheers and applause ] we'll give this a few seconds.
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coming up at 9:00 we'll update everybody on what has transpired. [ cheers and applause ] 9:00 in watertown, massachusetts, and elsewhere along the east coast. 6:00 p.m. in los angeles. dzhokhar tsarnaev, said to be a 19-year-old student at u-mass, has been apprehended. he is suffering from blood loss. at least one bullet wound. not ascertained yet if it was suffered tonight or in last night's exchange of gun fire. after the all-clear was given after a day-long lock down,
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people of watertown in the boston metropolitan area were told by public officials it was flooded with law enforcement, the region was. it was really, we were given indications, a matter of time. confidence was high they were going to find this guy. as you see, watertown fire department engine one come out of there. and 30 minutes after their announcement that people can come out again after this day-long lock down the exchange of gunfire. we heard from our own folks on the ground. our camera crews. people like lester holt, kerry sanders that gunfire had taken place. this will whip up the crowd. the fire engine hitting the siren on the way out. this will begin the slow parade of fire and police out of the scene. apparently the suspect was holed up under a tarp in a trailered boat in the backyard of a private house.
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two or three-story frame house. and all this time we have been waiting for this to resolve. s.w.a.t. teams were assembled. and he's being transported to the same hospital where an mta cop is recovering from gunshots sustained last night. as this slow parade of vehicles now exits, kerry sanders, what a wild -- what, 20 hours, 18 hours it's been in that town. >> i've got to say i'm lost. it's been -- i guess i started working thursday at 5:00 a.m. and have been working straight through. it's hard to keep clear everything that's been going on. wayne metrano is a resident here. there are members of the community we hear cheering, high fiving, big smiles. how do you feel now knowing that this is over, that he's in custody and he's alive? >> it's been a busy 18

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